According to Article 233 of the Commercial Law: “Logistic services are commercial activities whereby traders organize the performance of one or many jobs including reception, transportation, warehousing, yard storage of cargoes, completion of customs procedures and other formalities and paperwork, provision of consultancy to customers, services of packaging, marking, delivery of goods, or other services related to goods according to agreements with customers in order to enjoy service charges.”
The above-mentioned activities have been carried out by Thuong Phat Logistics since it officially operated as a service provider in supporting international transportation activities. Since 2002, this service has been divided into separate business divisions in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi - Hai Phong with warehouses of over 14,000 m2, a fleet of container trucks, light trucks and forklifts of more than 30 vehicles, enabling the company to make a distinction.
Thuong Phat Logistics is continuing to invest in facilities (warehouses and vehicles), develop human resources to further develop this service so as to keep the service chain up to international standards and become better in satisfy customer requirements.
Major services that we have been providing:

- Logistics services for export/import goods
- Customs declaration
- Export and import procedures
- Construction and exhibition goods freight forwarding
- Door to door freight forwarding services
- Goods packaging and labeling
- Export and import consultancy
- Procedures for Certificate of Origin (C/O)
- Insurance, fumigation, cultural product check, etc.
- Export/Import consignment
- Goods packing
- Transshipment (from major ports in HCMC – Hai Phong – Da Nang) to provinces.
- Transit procedures for goods heading to Cambodia, Laos, China and other countries in the region.

Distribution service for domestic or export/import goods and equipments:
Perform tasks of forwarding, transporting, gathering goods to the warehouse, preserving, classifying and organizing transport, loading & unloading, forwarding to requested places, collecting and paying as requested by goods owners, etc. through use of qualified warehouse systems and management software programs that are in accordance with requirement standards of multinational companies.
Main categories of goods that we have processed: telecommunications equipments / Base Transceiver Station of ATMs, beer brewing materials, consumer electronics, foods, etc. Our customers include telecommunication companies, banks, import agents for foreign companies.

Transport service:
- Transporting container and bulk cargo
- Moving office, factory, personal properties and belongings
- Transporting goods in transit to Laos, Cambodia, China.
- Service for conventional warehouse / bonded warehouse

Agent for warehouse and distribution of goods:

- Bonded warehouse business and freight forwarding service
- Service of mortgage goods management for commercial banks
- Services for shipping lines – services at the port

Process agent for shipping lines:

- Parcel checking service
- Consolidating export LCL goods and dividing import LCL through CFS warehouse
- Carrying out delivery of goods with the same owner within 01 container to the port’s warehouse
- Service for ship and crew upon mooring.